Architect of Sound (TM) is a sonic tribe of musicians, vocalists, and lyricists founded by music composer and producer Adam A. Johnson. Major contributors include vocalist Natasha Rrrr and “Socio-politcal Gangster of Love” Guido Corleone aka Amore One of the internationally renowned LA based act the Luminaries.

This musical collective is currently working on an electronica based album entitled “Bring The Light” scheduled for release in 2012. AOS’s music is a unique genre-defying blend of electronica and organic instrumentation with bitter sweet female vocals and lyrical spitfire.

Composition, Arrangement, Production: Adam A. Johnson
Lyrics and Vocals: Guido Corleone aka Amor One
Electric Guitar: T. Wesley
Jazz, Acoustic, Classical Guitar: Matt Rinker
Saxophone: Walter Tates
Piano: Eli Staples
Violin: Alexandra Hervish
Drums: Steve Riley